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"Temple Talk Livestream"

Join Me here on Tuesday mornings at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time  I'll pull a card for the week for you to focus on.  Each week I address a  different topic.  You are welcome to bring your questions about anything metaphysical, occult, or ritual magic related.   

You can also catch up with the "back issues" of this live stream show on my youtube channel 




Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic

Currently open for enrollment.



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Monique Lockhart



Introduction To Tarot

The new date for this live class, in 2018, in Grass Valley, California, has not yet been announced.  Please email me to be put on a waiting list if you wish to attend in person.  As well please look forward to this class being available online this year.  

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How To Recognize The Signs Of Religious & Ritual Abuse

FREE REPORT! This is a list of important things to be aware of before you decide to join any spiritual group or institution.


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