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Growing Into A Magical Tool

wicca Oct 07, 2017

Image:  The Magic Circle, By John William Waterhouse, 1886


I've been practicing magic for almost years.  Can you believe that in all of this time I have never owned a proper magical ritual wand?  What?  I know right?!  How is this possible?   Now this is not to say I haven't "used" magic wands in ritual.  What I'm saying is that every wand I've ever used, has never been "my wand", and so I never really kept any of them.  I'm probably not the only one out there who has experienced, so for those of you out there who may find yourself in similar predicaments, this blog is for you.

At the beginning of a magical career the student is often taught to set about acquiring the four basic magical tools which correspond to the four basic elements, fire, air, earth and water.

One of the first beginning goals  of magic is to learn to balance the elements within your own psychological nature.  Usually we have an affinity or a "dominance" of one or two elements over the others.  One person may be naturally gifted in the area of water, (psychic skills, empathy, emotions), or even overly saturated by an element to the point of being excessive.  This will often reflect the element that you are naturally the most drawn to, and usually will indicate an enthusiasm for acquiring the first tool of choice.

Then you are left with the elements that you are weaker in.  By weakness I mean that the nature of that element may be repressed, oppressed, or unconscious in some way so that you either do not relate to the quality of the element well, or are not able to express it adequately. It may feel really alien to you.  Trying to utilize the weakest element might be feel like trying to be something you are not.    This is because it likely is an element that is not consciously integrated into your personality to the degree that you can access it.

Using myself as an example, a very deep seated fear of fire as a child, combined with the also very complicating experience of being intimidated by male sexuality most of my life (in the form of sexual abuse at a very young age); and as well, the experience of growing up as a  tea totalling "good girl" did not encourage me to develop a healthy relationship to one of the most critical magical implements in the craft, my wand.   The Wand is associated with fire, and with masculine sexuality, being symbolic of the phallus.  It is also associated with doing ones "true will".  A lifetime of dysfunctional family experiences, bad relationships, and frustrating job scenarios throughout life, does not typically give one adequate role modelling for doing ones true will.  Rather such a person often lives for others, putting their own needs last, feeling guilty for having needs, and in general not often believing you have a great deal of personal worth let alone personal power which the wand also represents.  I spent years believing I didn't have any authority to wield a wand symbolically or in daily life.  After all who would ever listen to me? I was supposed to be a good girl, always following the rules and doing what I'm told.  I felt I was supposed to always be put in my place by others more "alpha" then myself.   Who am I to be powerful?  Who am I to be successful when others are more important then I am?  These are things that run through the minds of so many people, it's actually sort of tragic.

But the good news is,  the element one is weakest in, usually becomes your greatest strength and greatest initiation challenge on the path of occult awakening.  So if it has taken you years, as it has with me, to really integrate one of your magical tools into your practice, please don't beat yourself up or feel that you are somehow not a good enough practitioner.  It's a process.  I had to learn this the hard way.  It is my hope that bringing this issue out into the open can help speed the process up for some of you.  Try not to get hung up on the end goal of having the tool right away if you are just learning magic, and try even harder not to berate yourself for any failures if you've been at it for a long time.

What's more important is the process you go through to become in right relation to the elemental tool.   There is no time frame.  But if you start asking the right questions about why things are difficult for you in one elemental area, vs another, then you might be able to get the bottom of the issues in a more timely fashion then I did.  Once you really learn to begin to come into conscious relationship with your weakness, it becomes stronger, and the qualities of that element become integrated alchemically into your overall personality so that you can wield that magical tool (quality of character) much more powerfully and with greater confidence. When you begin to integrate, you'll probably find the "tool" arrives, or shows up as a synchronicity experience, whether you make it yourself or purchase it somewhere, the right tool will show up when you are ready at an internal level to wield it and receive it.

Traditionally the tools are associated thusly:

Wand:  Fire  /  Cup:  water  / Sword or athame:  Air / and Pentacle:  Earth

Fire rules the spiritual nature, Will, passion and purpose including assertiveness, personal power and confidence.  Water rules the emotions, the psychic realms and the feeling function.  Air rules the mind, the thinking function and the intellectual process and earth rules the physical manifestation of ideas, the physical world, and resources.

So if you are having trouble with an elemental, start asking yourself if you typically have trouble in these areas of life that your contrary elemental is associated with.  Instead of forcing the tool to arrive, try working through the challenges the tool represents first.

Nearly 25 years after my initial Wiccan initiation and after many other initiations, I'm finally pleased to say I'm half way through making "my" hand beaded black and white ceremonial magic wand.  For the first time in my life, I will be able to relate to this tool, hold it in my hand and finally come to terms with it.  It's been a long and difficult process. It's important to remember that the things that come the hardest are the things in the end that you can treasure the most.

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