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The Astrology Of Donald Trump: 12th House Pluto

astrology Aug 10, 2017

The Astrology Of Donald Trump: 12th House Pluto

After observing the intensity of national and potentially global phenomena as a result of Trump assuming office, I decided it was time to take a closer look at the astrology of the man who is to be at the forefront of our lives for a minimum of the next four years. Having specialized in underworld mythology it is no wonder that the topic of Pluto in Donald Trumps natal 12th house became of particular interest and concern for me.

All astrological patterns have positive and negative expressions. A placement of a particular planet in any area of a chart is not good or bad on it's own. Astrologers, myself included must constantly guard against our own biases. Combinations of astrological patterns in a natal

horoscope indicate important life and karmic lessons that the individual is here on planet earth to learn. What is important to understand is that "learning" is a matter of "free will". We either choose to learn or we don't. Our choices are what dictates the best or worst case scenarios of the expression of our astrological chart patterns.

Jeff Greene, author of Pluto, the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, tells us that individuals with a 12th house natal Pluto have come into this life with the mission of learning how to dissolve barriers of separation between the ego and the universal consciousness. Trouble arises when the ego refuses or denies this necessary experience of dissolution. Let me say this in a little different way. In mystery school initiation experiences, one of the first things that the ego is subjected to is the necessity of understanding that there is a consciousness much larger then itself. We are not told what to call this higher presence. Many mystery school traditions leave the "dogma" of how we label this knowledge, to each individual. Call it God, the Universe, Life force, Universal Consciousness, Chi, Tao, makes no difference to the initiate. The only important thing is that we do actually recognize something larger then the personal ego. When the infantile ego makes first contact with this ineffable "larger something", there is typically an experience of crisis, manifesting itself in the form of mental, emotional or perceptual shock. This necessitates that the individual ego now has to process new information that it never before believed was even relevant. Processing this information, coming to terms with this information and reorienting ones life perception to this new information is what constitutes the process of maturity, growth, humility, and integration and ultimately healing. Some would call it the "individuation" process, others call it "initiation". There are many names and labels to describe it, depending on your cultural, religious or intellectual bias and conditioning.

With a 12th house Pluto the individual comes into this life essentially "required" to go through this very intense initiation process. For many, initiation is a choice. When Pluto becomes involved, there isn't really a choice. It's going to happen whether you participate willingly or not. It is karmicaly required of the individual with a 12th house Pluto placement, to submit his or her personal will to the greater Will of universal force.

When avoidance occurs, instead of becoming a channel for universal forces to move through the individual at the direction of higher planes, or spiritual consciousness; the ego attempts to continue to remain the center of the universe by identification thinking it itself is the higher consciousness of God. It is not but the ego refuses to believe otherwise. When a 12th house Pluto individual refuses to acknowledge the admission of a larger force, Pluto will expresses itself as an individual who refuses to submit to any authority other then his or her own.

Identification AS source, then becomes the potential for a very nasty"God Complex" where the ego's lower needs require adoration, worship and recognition from the outside world as if it was the source of all creation. Ego-mania, possibly even psychosis are by products to varying degrees of this refusal to submit ones infantile tendencies to the spiritually corrective measures of the higher super-conscious self.

One must understand the dilemma of facing Pluto. It is fearsome business for the majority of people. Facing one's 12th house Pluto and surrendering to it, requires a great deal of internal courage. The greatest fear is that one is submitting to an abyss of nothingness, that ones uniqueness in the world will be obliterated, and that ones life will mean nothing. There could be a great fear of living in servitude to others with no personal choices in ones own life. There is also a deep fear of being out of control of ones own life. It is possible, an individual with this placement, suffered a childhood of invisibility. Possibly the authority structure in the formative years of life, did not support a healthy ego development, and that this individual had to fight for the right to feel significant in the world.

The lower ego does not readily see the value in the submission into the greater spiritual Will. The lower ego does not understand that the death and resurrection of itself will allow itself to live a much healthier life. This is why if the ego is to succeed in the healing process it must take that fact, as a matter of "faith". The resurrected initiate or shaman has passed the test of faith, has faced "death" in it's many forms as a result of the challenge of the initiatory process. But there are those who have not yet mastered the courage to have this sense of faith, and who remain in the shadow of Pluto's outer tyranny. Instead of becoming a channel for illumination, the uninitiated 12th house Pluto individual remains a channel for chaos and victimization, or dominance and submission dramas.

There are three classic underworld choices that seem to be relevant to all of the underworld mythical lessons of the Gods. Victimization, Identification with the perpetrator, or individuation and healing resulting in personal mastery and enlightenment. I call these choices "The Cross Roads of Hecate". You get to pick which of the roads you want to walk. The crossroads of the underworld are just as relevant to the lessons that Hades has to offer, as they are to the challenges of Persephone.

The refusal to face the astrological 12th house Pluto in ones natal chart, is a refusal to face reality. It is a habituated avoidance tactic that is motivated by the primitive survival instinct. Add Leo to the mix, as in the case of Donald Trump with his Pluto in the sign of Leo in the 12th house, and complicate it even further with a 5th and 11th house interception, and you end up with a situation where Pluto is additionally expressing a very deep seated and unconscious desire to be "recognized", to be "special"( which are contributions of Leo's influence), and of course with Pluto, to be "powerful", presumably as compensation for feelings of invisibility and powerlessness in his own life over the years. The higher calling of Pluto is asking this individual to "let go" of these needs to feel powerful and special, but the ego it seems is still obviously in resistance.

Interestingly enough we see in the inauguration horoscope, by transit, that Pluto is transiting the natal 5th house (ruled by Leo) , a further reminder that "letting go" of the desire for power and recognition is still indicated by the karmic mission of the higher self. The difficulty with this Pluto transit through the 5th house is that it is still "intercepted" which indicates it will be very difficult for the ego consciousness to even be aware that this lesson is being asked of him.

Now lets talk about projection brings me to my next observation of the 12th house Pluto. It's "acting out" beautifully. Trump has Pluto and Mars "repressed" in the 12th house. Any repression of a planet or denial of it, will tend to project into the outer world. The frightening thing about Pluto though, is that it is a trans personal planet, plugged into the collective mind. The projection here is being acted out by the masses of the United States population. What Trump has disowned in himself, is being acted out for him by his followers who have adopted a particular ideology. A loose trine of his Sagittarian moon to Pluto further contributes to an unconscious acting out of ideology. This is a Pluto natal position worthy of a Hitler-esque dictatorship type of problem, where one man becomes a hypnotic and unconscious, magnetic inspiration for an entire national collective of people. One of the differences though, which I think is important, between Trump and Hitler is that Hitler believed and personally committed to his cause. I do not get the sense that Trump actually has a cause, other then money. In other words, I don't see Trump being attached to the causes that his followers have adopted. I only see him inspiring those followers to act out their own causes in his name. Trumps cause is purely material as far as I can tell. What he does, he does for the sake of his bank account.

To digress a moment, Trump has a Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus. The only thing you can count on him for, is for being undependable and unpredictable and extremely high strung, possibly even unstable. At best it will be hard to pin him down on anything, at worst, he's bi polar and subject to bouts of mania. His promises change with the wind. You can also bet that he has very little attachment to ideas. He's more of a gimmick kind of man. The only cause or religion that I see being of value to him is represented by his second house Neptune. It is Neptune that attempts to find meaning and purpose in life, and Neptune is placed in the money and material possession house of the natal chart. A square from Mercury to Neptune gives us the classic archetype of the con artist and the car salesman. He is idealistic yes, moon in Sagittarius does indicate this, but he seems content to let others pick and choose the playing field theme. I don't think he cares whose sandbox he plays in, as long as he can be king of whatever sandbox he lands in. At this point the fascists and the GOP have chosen him as their messiah. If it had been the LGBT community to choose him as their savior and won the numbers game for him, he'd probably be happy to cross dress to keep their adoration focused on him. He isn't personally attached to the cause, only to his own success and dominance in whatever the cause is that the winning majority wishes him to play messiah for. It is my personal opinion looking at this horoscope, that this man's loyalty is sold to the highest bidder.

In contrast, this is extremely different from a Hitler archetype. Hitler sold his soul to his political ideology, during his days in poverty, in order to obsess over his personal philosophies and study. It was more important for Hitler to buy books and study resources that fed his personal Anti-Semitic sympathies, then it was to feed his body and spend his money on the basic necessities of life. In Trump we see a hedonist at heart with very little concern for the morality of anything or anyone. Actually we see a classic example of an anarchist who has himself become that which he rebels against by unconscious default. The similarity between the two has more to do with the ability to influence the masses of the collective hive mind at a hypnotic, emotional, magnetic and Plutonian level. The motives between the two for doing so are entirely different, each playing at God for their own different reasons.

Mars represents the God of war, and on a personal level, anger management problems. If you look at what is happening as a result of this election, it is easy to observe that the Fascist elements of the GOP and the "Alt-Right" movements are beginning to openly express their hateful sympathies without fear of reprisal. They are doing so because the unconscious Plutonian expression of Donald Trump has given them permission via role modeling to do so. What the Alt right is responding to is the role modeling by Donald Trump, of the impunity of bad behavior without fear of reprisal.

I think the GOP has made the mistake of assuming Trump believes in their cause. As I have said, I am doubtful he does. Trump, left to his individual devices, is not capable of expressing this repressed energy or being in touch with his own Martian or Plutonian feelings. I don't think this man knows himself well enough to know what he even believes in. He will tend to distance himself from the anxiety, confusion and unease he experiences as a result of internal conflicts, and escape into other coping mechanisms as a result of his discomfort, through the implementation of avoidance tactics. Twitter for example becomes an escape, like a nervous tick, from having to deal with the discomfort of confronting national policies and dealing with reality. A successful businessman, does not necessarily make a competent politician. Many people think it does, but it's a very different skill set. When he becomes overwhelmed, His Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini becomes so full of anxiety that he has to distract himself from the very real problem that he is quite possibly in over his head. His disassociation from himself ensures that others will do all of the emotional acting out, and possibly even some of the thinking for him, so that he can remain in his " ivory Trump Tower" isolated and insulated from the conflict. He doesn't want to move into the White House, he refuses to utilize the secret service. He continues to distance himself from the reality that he is actually the president. He occupies himself with his own inner, insular world, and his followers all around him will continue to mold and shape the direction of the morality of the nation without a lot of personal input from Trump. As long as they support his own sense of superiority as the assumed leader of the movement, I suspect he feels they can do what they please. He just wants the credit.

Pluto in the 12th house can in some cases be indicative of paranoia, phobia and deep seated fears about things that are unknown or abstract and irrational. The dark side of Pluto is primal chaos, the dark matter that describes the void or abyss of dissolution. We fear most what is unknown to us. In order for Trump to successfully navigate the 12th house Pluto problem, he has to submit to the void. I don't see him doing that. Instead I see Pluto doing it for him, by force at some time sooner or later, when the pressure becomes too much to handle.

The spiritual cliche many of us are familiar with is that in order to heal darkness it has to come into the light. In the personal healing process, distortions, rage, fetishes and fantasies have got to come out into the open so the conscious mind can examine them, re frame them, diffuse them and heal them. The shaman or healer witnesses these things without judgment, so the the patient can come to terms, be supported and heal. The problem I fear is this is not a personal process, it's a national one. The process is still necessary though, and it's still the same. We have a lot less containment or control over the process however, making this a very frightening situation for many people. The demonic aspects of the repressed expressions of Mars and Pluto specifically, have no choice but to come out into the open with Trump as our president. The longer you repress something the bigger it gets. Fascism in particular and racial bias has been stuffed and caged in the closet for a very long time, without ever really examining the causative effects which could have nullified the problem. It's a case of like attracts like. Trump may not have defined the fascist cause or insisted upon it, but the people who are attracted to him and "activated" by his Pluto/Mars, have established a sense of "participation mystique" with him that allow them to assume his reasons are the same as their own.

We have kept these social problems on on a very controlled leash for a few generations, but we haven't healed them. The beast has gotten too big for it's cage and the cage can't hold it any longer. Pluto in the Trump 12th house, at the moment is not dissolving the problem, its dissolving the cage the problem has been locked away in. We have no choice as a Nation but to face the onslaught of the conflict that is now being unleashed by the Plutonian and unconscious catalyst of Trumps 12th house Pluto. His planetary pattern is plugged into the collective unconscious national mind, and the conflict is no longer personal to him, his personal problem is now a problem for all of us at the level of the race mind.

In a clinical setting, a psychologist would have to be hardy enough to withstand the force of the nasty things that comes out of the unconscious mind when attempting to convince an individual to face reality. Our social communities now have to take on the role of the clinical psychologist. Our populace (mostly the minority groups and women) now has to be hardy enough to withstand the attack that is now surging upward from the collective unconscious mind of Donald Trump and his followers. The most immediate concern is the fascist movements and the racial hate crimes that are likely to become to more and more problematic. The ultimate concern is international hostility and collective social, ecological and economic damage that results from Trumps personal hedonism and selfishness.

To face that challenge we as a collective need tools. At the moment we are flailing about in shock, we've taken our progress for granted and now we are faced with a situation where we are backsliding again and we don't have the tools to confront the problem. The knee jerk reaction is to fight hate with hate, and to face hate with fear and repeated victimization. How we deal with this cathartic outburst of national emotional repression, is critical to healing the unconscious conflict at the level of "causation". We have to look much more deeply into why racism still exists, what purpose does it serve the lower ego and how we have contributed to the lie of dominance and submission which has become the basis for running many religions and governments. One other thing Pluto demands, is that we take a good long, hard look, at judgment, the capacity for judgment and the mis-use of it. 12th house Pluto judges others in relation to it's own weaknesses and standards of perfection. This is another aspect of the projection mechanism. The unconscious 12th house Pluto will say "the problem is you, it's not me". The enlightened and initiated 12th house Pluto says... "the problem is my ego, and I"m sorry for contributing to the woes of the race mind, I must see what I can do now to transform this problem by submitting my will to a higher intelligence then mine, since it is clear I can not myself see all ends."

In other words it is not enough to understand Donald Trumps horoscope. What is required as mandated by the karmic dictates of Pluto as it works through his horoscope, is that we must understand how we are all connected to the race mind, to his own Pluto placement, and we have to be very mindful about how we respond to and feed it with Trump at the helm of this highly unconscious boat. This process is akin to the dismantling of a bomb. We are going to have to keep the gum in the middle of our mouths so to speak as we confront the volatility of many situations to come.

The best way I know how to contribute to the diffusion of National and International hostilities is to continue to look at our own personal unconscious patterns which are in danger of being caught up in the movement of this Plutonian national hive mind. Every personal pattern that is diffused in ourselves, is diffused and healed in the race mind.


If you would like to understand more about your personal 12th house or Plutonian contributions to the troubled racial expressions of the collective, an analysis of your own astrological underworld "hot spots" is an optional avenue of investigation for you. Just click the link below to start your journey of personal awareness.

Light In Extension.

Monique Lockhart

Copyright 2016
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