The Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic

Advance Your Ritual Magic Skills

Going back to the basics and understanding the fundamentals at a much deeper level then ever before, is your key to advancing more quickly in your magical practice, and becoming a more confident practitioner.  This class is for anyone who would like a basic knowledge base in magic, but it is also designed to enhance and improve upon the Wiccan experience.  Opt in below for your free video training and find out more about what this class can do for you, or you can enroll for the class now by clicking this button.

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The Benefits Of Magical Integration

The first video in the series will show you why it is important to open  your mind to information outside of the traditional Wiccan paradigm. As a hybrid practitioner of ceremonial magic and Wicca, I recognize the benefits of what both traditions have to offer. 

A Brief History Of Ceremonial Magic

Becoming familiar with the "cult of personality" in the Western Mystery Traditions is important for being able to navigate your way around the different traditions that exist in Western Occultism. The second video in this series will assist you in understanding some of the history of the ceremonial magic lineages.

A Brief History Of Wicca

This video training will help you become familiar with some interesting information on the origins of Wicca and how it has evolved over the years from its initial inception as a witchcraft tradition. The fourth and last video in the sequence will give you some valuable information on how the class is set up and what you can expect to get from it. You can get right to the last video by clicking to enroll above. 

"I always walk away from these classes inspired and with a sense of being more deeply connected to my intentions. Monique is a wellspring of knowledge, bringing together years of education, experience and practice. As a teacher she holds a safe container of space to explore Occult teachings for self-discovery and practical applications. I am blessed to have her as a mentor and guide. "


"This metaphysical class has become an invaluable part of furthering my practice. Monique is an amazing teacher and has a wealth of information to share. She presents the knowledge she has gathered over many years of study in a way that is accessible, inspiring, and eloquent. This class has been a great motivator for me. I have been able to apply so much of what I have learned to my daily lifeā€”from doing simple chores around the house to delving deeper into my meditation practice. This class has helped me bring more balance to my life, and it has allowed me to alter my perception on things that once seemed mundane. So many changes have taken place in my life on a personal level, and Monique has proven to be an excellent and experienced guide in helping me process and expand on these thoughts and ideas. We covered a large amount of material in this first year, but at the same time we are only scratching the surface of this exciting realm. Monique has such a rich understanding of the information she teaches, and her enthusiasm is nothing short of contagious. Learning from Monique has made a very impactful impression on me. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to study under her and excitedly await going even deeper into these subjects in year two. "

E.J.M. August 14, 2017


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