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The 12th House In Astrology

astrology Dec 11, 2017

In a horoscope, the 12th house is traditionally looked upon with some bias as a “problem” house, which is true, but only because it reflects what is true about human nature. The 12th house in the natal horoscope is in my opinion one's “personal underworld”. It represents the shadow side of our personality, but it also represents where our treasure is hidden. The following hermetic axiom represents the idea of the 12th house and the underworld journey beautifully.

Visit The Interior Parts Of The Earth

By Rectification Thous Shalt Find The Hidden Stone

When analyzing a horoscope, I personally tend to “zone in” on this house to immediately look for “hot spots” or problem areas that might be chronic or acute. These problems tend to be critical to an individuals personal growth. I'm the kind of person that likes to just cut to the chase and get right to the point of the problem if at all possible.

The 12th house can tell us a lot about what is lacking in a person's life. I like to refer to it as the “don't” house. In other words this house has a tendency to represents all of those things we were told not to do, or were discouraged from doing as we were environmentally conditioned in our early years. Let me give you an example.

An individual with a 12th house Sun possibly grew up with messages, subliminal or overt, telling him or her that it is not OK to be their true selves or express their true identity. “Don't be you.” This is an individual who likely learned how to be all things to all people for the sake of love and acceptance, but always repressed their own true nature in the process.

A 12th house moon indicates that the message is “Don't feel”. “Don't be female”. “Your needs are not important.” “Don't cry”. “Don't be a cry baby”. These people grow up experiencing a disconnect from their bodies and somatic sensations, and from their feminine nature and emotions. They have a hard time getting their needs met since the moon in the chart represents how you get your needs met.

Mercury in relation to the 12th house can indicate a difficulty with intellectual function or expression or even possibly physical dexterity. Perhaps the message is, “your not smart enough.” This message may not even be true, but it is what the individual grew up experiencing and therefore it has become an ingrained “belief” that has to be unlearned. Perhaps there is an actual mental handicap or difficulty such as dyslexia or some other challenge related to Mercury functions. These problems will then contribute to low self esteem in regard to ones intellectual or neural capacities and capabilities; or more accurately their “perceived lack” of capabilities.

The same is true for expression by sign. Aries in the 12th house might suggest difficulty in standing up for oneself or being assertive. It can indicate that it was not acceptable growing up to express anger, so there may be a distorted way of coping with anger management problems.

Taurus might suggest the possibility of being cut off from physical experience in some way. Issues surrounding the lack of sensual experience, poverty consciousness, personal values, physical belongings, or money and resources might be a real hot spot. Eating disorders might be appropriate to the 12th house Taurus experience.

I say “perceived lack” because as just mentioned above, the messages one has been saturated with might not be accurate. In the case of a Mercury problem the individual might be very smart, but they may have never been allowed to manifest their talents in the shadow of an insecure family member or members, who may have had personal investments in keeping that individual small.

Investigating this house requires investigating the accuracy or not of the messages we have taken in and our perceptions about our weaknesses. The investigation of the chart may show the individual that it is time to challenge those perceptions. What needs to happen is to establish what the actual facts are of the situation and change any distorted belief patterns that stand in the way of the facts.

So the general rule is that anything in the 12th house represents something that has been cut off from one's personal experience of the self, either by emotional and environmental conditioning or possibly even because of genetic inheritance (such as physical handicaps, illnesses or deformities that are genetically passed onward from parent to child.) Here we can get a sense what is actually lacking in the persons experience.

My job in this analysis is to encourage you to change your paradigm from focusing on the “lack” to now focusing on “giving yourself permission” to explore ways to get those things back that have been lacking. I look for the facts which support that goal. Healing this house is about taking back your personal power.

I offer a specialized astrology report on the 12th house, for those people who wish to look into their “hot spots” or “crisis points”. I have a broad spectrum of tools that I employ in my astrological examinations, including the use of tarot correspondences, qabalistic correspondences on the tree of the life, alchemy, mythology and more. I look at qlippothic tendencies in the chart, that is energies on the tree of life that have a tendency to “malfunction” or express themselves in distorted ways when seen from the “backwards” tree; if in fact those associations are applicable or cross reference-able to the horoscope. I look at the chart from a qabalistic “path working” angle when applicable. I examine decanates, and planetary degrees and their relationship to hermetic ceremonial magic entities (angels, archangels, spirits etc..) and also their relationship to hermetic numerology aka “gematria.” I also look for current progressions and transits that affect the 12th house in the present time as the issues are evolving and changing. I look at mythical patterns that may be emerging with planetary archetypes. I look for repetitive themes in the chart.

The additional tools that I incorporate, turn the astrology analysis into a very multi dimensional and holistic investigation of the self. Using these resources has the ability to invite more facets of the personality, which may have been previously sedated, into the personal experience of confronting the self. Simply put, the additional tools shed light on additional options and resources to bring to the table for the integrative process of healing and making oneself aware. All of these additional mythical, hermetic, alchemy, qabalistic and archetypal correspondences to the horoscope offer a vast reservoir of behavioral options, insights, and guidelines for addressing character flaws or conditioned distortions of the personality.


Monique Lockhart

Copyrite December 2017

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